Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Food Force Activity

Today I was doing one activity called Food force. We are playing for a village. They don’t have food, water and other basic needs. So we have to get these things for them. This game is to buy food and other things which those villagers need and we can sell things to gain more money. If you have money and have things to build, then you can build houses hospital, workshop, farm, well, and more which they don’t have. If I am rating this game, I’ll give **** stars. This game is suitable for person from age of 12.
The positive things about this game are this is a game to help people to know that there are some countries which have no food, no shelter, and no access to medical services. This game will give you an idea of using money effectively.
The negatives about this game are, they are giving us a poor country. That people don’t have any food, water or shelter. So we have to try hard to get these things to them, we have to know very well about controlling the money. It is not giving a clear direction for us to pass the level.

I have learned that a village near the Ganga River is very poor. In this game I was getting things to that village. I learned a bit to use money effectively. Anyone can download food force for free. When you search in Google, you need to type Food Force2. This game is really good.

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