Monday, November 9, 2009

Etoys,Control a car with steering wheel

Our class were doing Etoys activities in sugar. One of them is control a car with a steering wheel and we have to steer around some obstacles. I had to make a steer in Etoys and make a script for that. Put some obstacles around and drive the car around those obstacles. We have to make script for car as well. The car should not touch the obstacles. My car is shown below.

When we rotate the steering wheel the car is going the way we rotate. I had to make the pen works that means where the car goes there will be a line. So we can know which way the car went.This is my script for car.My Steering wheel....
Some problems I faced were, it was so hard for me to control the steering wheel. I received some help from my teacher to do the script and my classmate showed me how to control the steering wheel. After some practice I managed to control.

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  1. 6/8
    Screenshots could be improved by cropping. Also it would be better if you explained exactly what code addition helped you control the steering wheel.