Friday, July 31, 2009

jig saw puzzles

This is my favourite game in Xo. it is easy to play.we can change the size of the puzzle and make it bigger or smaller.we can make the edge rounded or square or plane puzzle.we can choose whether we need birds or animals or anyting else.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

29/7/09.. guest speakers.

Today,our class had 2 guest speakers,David and Rosemary. Rosemary talked about their trip to east Timor. East Timor is a country between Darwin and Indonesia. It is a south east Asian country. Tetum is the local language. portuguese is also used. It is not a developed country. But this country have beautiful beaches,nice weather and there are many Foreigners coming to this country to help the local people in East Timor.This country was controlled by Portuguese. In 1975 Indonesia took over it. But in 1999 Indonesia had to leave. United states and Australia are trying to bring peace and development to this country. Foreigners are called the Mallai. They met new people from Brazil. They are the Missioners sent from the churches in Brazil.

One of them is working in a village to do the water supply. So the women don't have to go to collect the water from the mountains. The other one teaches English. she is a Missionary.

And Meena the third one work with children,offer them education curriculum. She offer them tea and they have to eat it there itself otherwise her big sisters or brothers or parents might have took it.and she provide colouring, and show them pictures. Her children stay with them there.They goes to portuguese school and they know English, Portuguese and Tetum.

Rosemary and David went to the local pump there. They bought a bike. The most of the people use the bikes. Its all in US dollar.
The local people have homes but they don't have any electricity, AC or floor. In some places they don't have roads. The roof of the houses are made with coconut leaves,palm leaves and local things.

There are some palces to get the Internet access.(in IT info center).There is a long thing to get the signal.They have never seen a phone. when they heard the phone ringing,they all were laughing.They took the XO to the principal of the school and there was an other guy called Syntus who transalate it to the principal. He is now working with Australian army for interpreting. Then they teaches the teachers how to use the XO.

There was a Missionary comes from Melbourne he took the class for the people. Some of their children were baptised.There was a civil war in 2006. Red cross set up the huts to provide the refugees and the local people.They saw one interesting thing. The local people selling the weapons on the road.

They lived in a hotel. it was $ 60 per day.There are nets to the bed because there are many mosquitoes so there is a big chance to get malaria. There will be electricity after 6 pm, only for 3 hours.

They went to a convent. The nuns bring some girls to there and stay with them for 9 months. They teach them how to cook and how to be clean and tidy.and then the other group comes.

That is the end of there trip. we all clapped at the end of that presentation. They were very happy...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

First impression...

Today our class looked at Xo and sugar.Xo is using in devoloping countries to the students. it is not using in developed countries. Sugar is the operating system of Xo.
It is really interesting... games,painting,puzzles,memory games.etc. it have many ... it is good.I played the memory game, 2 or 3 times...the jigsaw puzzles are really nice too...we have a choice to select the pieces,wheather it is small or big....i did the painting but it's hard to find the things....the settings and the choices are good...

This is the picture of the Xo laptop.