Saturday, September 5, 2009

Changing the home page of XO.

The class works for last one week were to make a shape or anything in SVG and upload to the sugar. I made a tree in svg, look like this. Making a tree in html was not hard. But uploading to the sugar was very hard for me because I didn’t really know how to use the terminal in sugar. But my teacher helped me with it. Now I got an idea how to use that.

Firstly I drew my picture in 55*55 and then I had to know the points and do it in the html. Then I Just put the point numbers and I can look in opera, how it looks like. Then I saved to my USB and then I had to open the sugar and in sugar, open the terminal and do some things. I have to know the name of that svg image and open that svg in terminal. Then after I done all of the correct things I had to reboot the computer and it will appear like this.

Then we can change the color of the picture in Sugar. Go to the settings and click on the picture and it will change the color, we can keep clicking until we get a good color.

physics on 2/9/09

I did physics activity on 2/9/09. Now I love physics activities. When I did the physics activity before, I was not familiar with all of the tools. Now I know how to use all of them, which made me to love physics. This activity was bit harder than the other one which I did before. This is how it looks like when i did the half bit of that activity.

Then it works like this...The big green and black balls have the motor, So it will stay there but it will keep going in round. So because of that balls movement the small other balls will keep moving around it. And because of the green big ball,the blue rectangle box will keep going down and up.

Because of the rectangle box moving, the light green long stick will go up and down. As u can see, the hands and the legs are just connected with a thing like thread. So it will be like dancing.


Last Friday I did physics activity. Our teacher gave me the sheet, shows many different activity that we can do. I have to choose one of them and do it. So I choose one from it and I finished it. It was the easy activity. After I did it, it looks like this...

so if I click the play button, the sticks have the motor. So it will keep running. When the sticks play around the sticks will kick the balls and the balls will be like going around. The four sided wall will keep it from going away.