Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Complete a variety of labeled screenshots which illustrate the differences between these user interfaces
Windows (WIMP – windows, icons, menus, pointers – as in MSOffice 2003)

Windows (ribbons, contextual tabs, galleries – as in MSOffice 2007)


Contextual tabsGalleriesSugar (Frame replaces menu bar, Journal replaces file system hierarchy, Community – didn’t work for us,)

Frame replaces menu bar

Journal replaces file system hierarchy

Linux command line (similar to DOS)

Which user interface do you prefer? Rate them in order. Give reasons.
MS office 2003 4/5
MS office 2007- 5/5
Sugar- 4/5
Linux command line- 3/5

Monday, November 23, 2009

Sugar Evaluation

1) Rate each of the following out of 5:
Guest speaker: Rosemary about Timor Leste- 4/5
Guest speak: Joel about the xo - Absent
Physics- 3/5
SVG icon and Linux command line- 2.5/5
Turtle Art – 4/5
Other activity evaluation- 5/5
E-toys - 2/5
Scratch- 4.5/5

2) Now write about
Three things that you learnt
I learnt how to change the home page of XO, How to make shapes in Turtle Art, To make scripts and make the object move in E-toys, Turtle Art, Scratch.

Three things that you enjoyed
I enjoyed using turtle Art, physics and food Force (activity)

Three things that you didn’t like
I didn’t like the Linux command line and SVG icon, E- toys and doing the blog for every activity that we did.

3) State which was the following with reasons:
Best- Turtle Art
Worst- E-toys
Most interesting- Food Force
Most difficult- SVG icon and Linux command line

4) XO
Is the xo or OLPC a good idea for the children of the developing world? State your opinion and give reasons- Yes, children must know how to use these kinds of technologies in this developing world. But using more of these can destroy themselves.

Friday, November 20, 2009

About Etoys and Scratch

Our teacher said to do same type of task in scratch and Etoys in group of two. I did scratch and my partner did E-toys. We have already done the scratch last term, so it was Easy for me. And we have been doing E-toys this term as well. For both of them we have to collect the scripts form the viewer. Take the box of script to the top of the other scripts so it will stay in the box. Select the relevant scripts and bring it to the screen. For example the script is to move 5 steps (in scratch); the object will move 5 steps. If it is in e-toys take the script forward by and put the number, then the object will move. In E-toys, to move in a particular way put a border and put the script colour sees, so when the object sees the colour it will move away. In scratch we could add sounds and in E-toys as well but our sound in E-toys wasn’t working. So I don’t really know how to add sound to E-toys. Here is the picture for 2 different balls moving around in scratch are shown below.

The scripts for this activity in scratch are shown below.
Here is the picture for balls moving around in E-toys are shown below.The scripts for this activity in E-toys are shown below. I had some difficulties such as get correct scripts and make a variable and use it effectively. I wasn’t really familiar with E-toys. My teacher and my partner helped me with it. I would say scratch is easier because I’m more familiar with scratch than e-toys. The sound also does work in scratch

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Food Force Activity

Today I was doing one activity called Food force. We are playing for a village. They don’t have food, water and other basic needs. So we have to get these things for them. This game is to buy food and other things which those villagers need and we can sell things to gain more money. If you have money and have things to build, then you can build houses hospital, workshop, farm, well, and more which they don’t have. If I am rating this game, I’ll give **** stars. This game is suitable for person from age of 12.
The positive things about this game are this is a game to help people to know that there are some countries which have no food, no shelter, and no access to medical services. This game will give you an idea of using money effectively.
The negatives about this game are, they are giving us a poor country. That people don’t have any food, water or shelter. So we have to try hard to get these things to them, we have to know very well about controlling the money. It is not giving a clear direction for us to pass the level.

I have learned that a village near the Ganga River is very poor. In this game I was getting things to that village. I learned a bit to use money effectively. Anyone can download food force for free. When you search in Google, you need to type Food Force2. This game is really good.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Etoys,Control a car with steering wheel

Our class were doing Etoys activities in sugar. One of them is control a car with a steering wheel and we have to steer around some obstacles. I had to make a steer in Etoys and make a script for that. Put some obstacles around and drive the car around those obstacles. We have to make script for car as well. The car should not touch the obstacles. My car is shown below.

When we rotate the steering wheel the car is going the way we rotate. I had to make the pen works that means where the car goes there will be a line. So we can know which way the car went.This is my script for car.My Steering wheel....
Some problems I faced were, it was so hard for me to control the steering wheel. I received some help from my teacher to do the script and my classmate showed me how to control the steering wheel. After some practice I managed to control.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Shapes in turtle art

For more than one week our class was doing some task in turtle art in sugar.When I got the sheet, I thought all of that is hard. When I started doing it I feel more comfortable. But still some of them are hard. My favorite shape is shown below.This is a shape like a rounded star. I made this shape by an angle of 70 degree and forward of 150. And I repeat this for 36 times. Using the repeat is an easy method.
I discussed this with my teacher and my dad. My teacher helped me with this. I like this shape because I love stars which remind me about Christmas. In my home country we used to hang colorful star in front of our home with lights. If we have practice with turtle art, making this shape would be very easy. I had some practice with turtle art, so it was bit easy for me.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Changing the home page of XO.

The class works for last one week were to make a shape or anything in SVG and upload to the sugar. I made a tree in svg, look like this. Making a tree in html was not hard. But uploading to the sugar was very hard for me because I didn’t really know how to use the terminal in sugar. But my teacher helped me with it. Now I got an idea how to use that.

Firstly I drew my picture in 55*55 and then I had to know the points and do it in the html. Then I Just put the point numbers and I can look in opera, how it looks like. Then I saved to my USB and then I had to open the sugar and in sugar, open the terminal and do some things. I have to know the name of that svg image and open that svg in terminal. Then after I done all of the correct things I had to reboot the computer and it will appear like this.

Then we can change the color of the picture in Sugar. Go to the settings and click on the picture and it will change the color, we can keep clicking until we get a good color.