Friday, November 20, 2009

About Etoys and Scratch

Our teacher said to do same type of task in scratch and Etoys in group of two. I did scratch and my partner did E-toys. We have already done the scratch last term, so it was Easy for me. And we have been doing E-toys this term as well. For both of them we have to collect the scripts form the viewer. Take the box of script to the top of the other scripts so it will stay in the box. Select the relevant scripts and bring it to the screen. For example the script is to move 5 steps (in scratch); the object will move 5 steps. If it is in e-toys take the script forward by and put the number, then the object will move. In E-toys, to move in a particular way put a border and put the script colour sees, so when the object sees the colour it will move away. In scratch we could add sounds and in E-toys as well but our sound in E-toys wasn’t working. So I don’t really know how to add sound to E-toys. Here is the picture for 2 different balls moving around in scratch are shown below.

The scripts for this activity in scratch are shown below.
Here is the picture for balls moving around in E-toys are shown below.The scripts for this activity in E-toys are shown below. I had some difficulties such as get correct scripts and make a variable and use it effectively. I wasn’t really familiar with E-toys. My teacher and my partner helped me with it. I would say scratch is easier because I’m more familiar with scratch than e-toys. The sound also does work in scratch

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  1. Good write up but I think the etoys scripts could be improved