Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Shapes in turtle art

For more than one week our class was doing some task in turtle art in sugar.When I got the sheet, I thought all of that is hard. When I started doing it I feel more comfortable. But still some of them are hard. My favorite shape is shown below.This is a shape like a rounded star. I made this shape by an angle of 70 degree and forward of 150. And I repeat this for 36 times. Using the repeat is an easy method.
I discussed this with my teacher and my dad. My teacher helped me with this. I like this shape because I love stars which remind me about Christmas. In my home country we used to hang colorful star in front of our home with lights. If we have practice with turtle art, making this shape would be very easy. I had some practice with turtle art, so it was bit easy for me.